Office Cleaning

Office CleaningWeekend Window Washers doesn’t just do windows. We also offer office cleaning! Sanitized and sparkling restrooms, gleaming break rooms, and much more. We’ll accommodate most small and medium offices.

Clean offices affect employee morale

Studies have shown that having a clean office, break room, and restroom significantly improves employee morale. Employees who work in clean environments free of visible dirt, unsightly toilets, and filthy windows have shown to be better performers and enjoy coming to work more than those in dirty offices.

Clean offices promote good health

Obviously, having restrooms and break rooms sanitized and cleaned regularly promotes good health. It can also mean a lot to your bottom line when you have employees that get sick as a result of unsanitary conditions. No, we’re not saying you don’t know how to clean a restroom. But, we are sure you’d rather use your business skills doing what you do best – your business. Let us handle the germs, the dirt, and the filth. We’ll keep all that at bay and help promote a healthier workplace overall.

What we don’t do

Currently, we do not offer floor surfacing, such as stripping, waxing, or buffing. We can, however, recommend a reputable company who can perform this service for you.