Trees, shrubs, and clogged gutters damage roofs and fascia

gutters2If you have traditional eaves and fascia, you need to be aware of the damage that can be caused by your trees, shrubs, or clogged gutters. Ordinary shingle roofing can also get damaged by trees and shrubs. How?


Composite and shake roofing can easily get damaged by tree limbs falling onto the roof, but more likely damage will occur due to your tree branches rubbing onto the rooftop.  Over time, the branches and leaves will wreak havoc on your roofing materials by slowly eroding.

Trim back low overhanging branches to at least 6 feet above the roof area. Hire a professional to do this. It is highly unlikely that you have the equipment to do this safely.

Eaves and Fascia

Shrubbery and trees growing into eaves, siding, and fascia will cause significant damage over time.  Keep the growth trimmed back enough so it doesn’t adhere to your siding or fascia.

Gutters and their role

Since your gutters are attached to your eaves and fascia, it is critical that they don’t leak and that they drain properly. Keeping them unclogged will assure that water flows properly to the downspouts and prevents standing water. Poorly flowing gutters may cause water to stand between the gutter assembly and the fascia, setting you up for rotting and damage.

The solution

Trim shrubbery and trees, or have a professional do that for you. We’re happy to recommend one.  For your gutters, give us a call at (325) 200-0109 and set up a gutter cleaning. We will get them flowing and ready for the next rain.